A technology company at the service of the wine industry 

Our goal is to guide wineries in the overall management of their wine tourism business. 


Based in La Rioja, land with the name of wine, is born with the roots and passion that provides the ground, working from the culture and local knowledge with a global vision, promoting the digital transformation of the wine sector. 

We combine two passions, WINE and TOURISM. 

We combine knowledge in wine, tourism, technology, marketing and digital communication. A perfect marriage. 

We are an experienced team with enthusiasm for their work. The Torre Wine Platform, is the way to create, sell and manage your reservations, experiences and activities related to wine tourism business. 


Aware of the difficulty of running two eminently different businesses, winemaking and sales and the supply of tourism services, we developed the first platform focused on the management of wine tourism experiences. 

Thanks to the fast integration of an intuitive interface, it allows you to organize reservations efficiently, manage services with ease and unify customer data to facilitate personalized communication. 

The platform brings together all functionalities in a single, easy-to-use space and optimizes processes to take wine tourism management to the next level. All of this allows for a 360-degree integration with any system. 

Applied technology for wineries 

The Torre Wine Platform relies on technology as a tool to enhance the competitiveness, efficiency and adaptability of wineries, helping their transformation in an agile, simple and fast way. 

Since its launch, we are a benchmark in the Spanish market, leading technological development, innovation and providing comprehensive management of the wine tourism business. 

Global control

All your management utilities integrated in the same space. 


Immediate data visualization and processing. 

Unified data handling

Centralize your information sources and create a digital customer profile. 

Process simplification

Optimize and automate your winery’s procedures. 

Lasting relationships

Establish strong connections with customers through personalized communication. 

Innovation all along the way

Own projects adapted to fit your needs. 

Find out how The Torre Wine Platform can turn your wine tourism! 

Get in touch with us and take your winery to the next level.