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For wineries with
up to 5,000 visits/year.
Reservation system
Ticketing system
Gift system
Services and events agenda
Service and event management
IOS and Android mobile application
Available in 2 languages


For wineries with
from 5,000 visits/year.
Reservation system
Ticketing system
Gift system
Services and events agenda
Service and event management
IOS and Android mobile application
Available in various languages
Premium support
Add extra functionalities
Meet, connect, build loyalty

Winebar and Gastrobar

Bar service right from your smartphone

Digital tasting

Interactive and gamified wine tasting experience

Digital footprint

Holistic strategy to increase online presence and visibility


Data management to build personal relationships
Improvements for customers included

Payment systems integration:
The winery handles payments directly, without relying on external services.

Returns system integration:
Customers are able to make returns quickly and easily through an automated process.

Full integration of locator systems:
Customers receive a unique locator that allows them to manage their reservation.

E-mail integration:
Automated communication with the guest: booking confirmation, notification sending on changes in seats or dates, information on promotions and reminders of outstanding bookings.

– Complete system of experiences, tickets, calendars, rates, discounts.
– Complete integrated calendar of events.
– Export of all data in Excel format.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What kind of bookings can I manage with the system?
All types of wine tourism reservations, whether periodic services or single-day events.
Can I create reservations directly?
Yes, from the backend you can make all the reservations you want, send: confirmation, prepayments... so that you only have one place to manage all your wine tourism.
Can I create different types of rates?
Yes, the system allows you to create unlimited rate and price groups for activity.
Can I create different discounts?
Yes, the system allows you to create discounts by % or fixed amount, limited by time and activity.
Does the system allow online payment management?
Yes, the system allows online payment management by integrating the payment platforms you choose. You can have one or 5. It also allows you to send prepayments directly to the client, thus avoiding no-shows. Returns are automated in such a way that the customer, if they modify or cancel, receives their return using the same payment method they used.
Can I send automatic reminders to clients?
Yes. The system allows you to send different notifications as necessary.
Can I manage reservations from different channels in the same place?
Yes, you can manage reservations from different channels in one place. There is an API that you can invoke to import your reservations from other systems.
Can I have access to reports and statistics on reservations?
Of course, you will have access to analytical data and detailed statistics on bookings. In addition, you have a data query API that you can integrate into any BI program. For certain complex queries our team will help you develop it. Don't forget that the data is yours.
What other modules does it offer?

Our Enterprise plan offers all the necessary functionalities to manage your wine tourism, but if you want to go one step further we have other modules.
Gastrobar module. To have a POS in your physical store integrated into your reservation system.

  • Extras module. To provide services that improve the experience and increase the average value of the customer's reservation.
  • API export module. To be able to have access to all the information available in the system and to be able to integrate it into third parties.
  • API import module. To be able to import all third-party reservation information.
  • Google and Outlook Calendar module. To be able to import all experience and wine tourism events to your mobile.
  • Mobile application module. You will have an application for IOS and Android from which you can quickly manage your daily wine tourism.
  • Apple & Google Pay module. We integrate direct payment services on mobile to increase the conversion of our users.
  • Winebar module. Make all your products available to your customers on their mobile phone so that while they drink a wine they can place an order dynamically, while you capture data.
  • Technology tasting module. they play and you collect data. In addition, you encourage purchases through mobile phones.
  • CBD module. Our data integration platform. The CRM tailored to a winery that wants to do wine tourism.

Our platform has modules that can be contracted independently.

Does the system integrate with my current website?
Yes. Our job is to ensure that our system integrates with your daily life, which in this case is your website. If this is not technically possible, we will set up a booking portal for you on a subdomain of your choice.
Can I customize the system interface to match the image of my winery?
Of course. Our design team is in charge of making the necessary adjustments.
Do you offer technical support for system installation and configuration?
We deliver the project turnkey. When you are able to receive automatic reservations from the front, our installation will be finished.
What type of pricing plans do you offer?
We have two plans: Business and Enterprise.
Are there additional costs per reservation?

Not at first. Only when the agreed success periods are exceeded can the transactions carried out from the front carry a fixed or variable commission, depending on the agreement reached.

Is there a free trial period?
We have a testing platform which you can try without any problem, please ask so we can give you access.

How is my clients' personal information protected?
We implement strong system security measures to protect your customers' personal information. We do not share data with other projects.
Does the system comply with data protection regulations?
Yes, we follow strict privacy policies and comply with data protection regulations to ensure your customers' information is safe at all times.
What security measures are implemented to protect the system from cyber attacks?
To protect the system, we carry out various security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection, regular software updates, and constant monitoring for suspicious activity. These measures help prevent and mitigate possible threats, guaranteeing the security and integrity of system information.
Do you offer training and assistance for using the system?
Yes. Our team provides personalized training so you can take full advantage of all the system's features. In addition, you can consult any incident with our Support team.
Is there any permanence commitment?
Yes, a two-year commitment is required. This ensures more stable planning and better optimization of resources for both parties.
Does the system adapt to the specific needs of my winery?
Yes, the system adapts to the specific needs of your winery. The platform allows you to manage one or 5 warehouses. You can have private or public information.

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