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Bodegas Volver

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“Digitalization enhances our tradition”

Bodegas Volver was born in 2004 among centuries-old vineyards and deep-rooted traditions from the hand of winegrower Rafael Cañizares. Its native vines, cultivated in a sustainable way and with minimal intervention are the very essence of this winery in Alicante. “The values we transmit are passion, culture and tradition”, highlights the winery’s wine tourism team.

Bodegas Volver not only honors history and culture, it also hugs modernity, joining the agility of the digital transformation of its processes. Its Wine Tourism team highlights the potential of these advances, which have allowed them to improve key aspects of the winery without compromising the work philosophy rooted in decades of experiences. “Digitalization helps us in terms of marketing, ‘online’ sales and impact, while being fully compatible with tradition and our way of farming”, continue. For the winery, it is important to keep working along the same lines as its previous generations. “Although machinery and technology have evolved, they are tools that we use as an aid and support, never as a replacement for our way of working and processing our grapes”, they explain.

The digitalization of the winemaking sector is a crucial issue today. The integration of digital solutions that facilitate, optimize and automate processes is becoming increasingly important in the wine industry. New departments have also been developed, which contribute to enriching the customer experience. “The Wine Tourism department has been a strong support in our communication. In this winery sector, clients want to learn about the project from the inside: get to know the winery, the way our wines are made, taste them…”, they confess.

To this end, the winery has a wine tourism booking platform, which has enabled them to facilitate communication and service management processes, while automatically generating valuable data on customer profiles. “The booking platform helps us to better manage the visits, having the information centralized and computerized. For the visitor it is also an advantage, as he can see the availability and make his own reservation from the web”, share the Enoturismo managers.

For the winery, digitalization has become an ally to remain at the forefront without losing the essence and tradition that characterize its products. Their vision of integrating technology as a support tool has allowed them to modernize their operations without compromising quality or the values that have defined them for decades. An example that highlights the transformative power of digitalization in preserving the authenticity of industries rooted in tradition while fostering innovation and growth.

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