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Eduardo Saracibar y Elizabete de Jesús

Wine Tourism Team
Bodegas Ollauri


“Digitalization has allowed us to build customer loyalty and enrich their experience”

The conservation and maintenance of heritage are key pieces in the philosophy of Bodegas Ollauri. Being able to transmit these values not only by presenting its wines, but also by preserving its historical legacy is one of the driving forces of the group, which today also coexists with the advance of digitalization and technology.

“The new digital solutions have allowed us to develop a customer strategy based on loyalty through QR, online advantages or our wine club, enriching the user experienc”, highlights the Wine Tourism team.

Both Eduardo Saracibar and Elizabete de Jesús believe that the convergence of the two worlds, tradition and modernity, helps to “get closer to the customer, understand their needs and provide a quality service”. From the moment they choose Conde de los Andes, the winery seeks to establish close contact with visitors, an objective they have continued to maintain by incorporating new tools into their work processes. “Our reservation center gives us speed and efficiency in the management of reservations and modifications, saving time that we can dedicate to improving the user experience”, they emphasize.

Wineries’ procedures are not being modified, but are trying to adapt to the needs required by digitalization. The collection and management of information is vital to know markets, trends, customers and consumers. “We have carried out the implementation of a new ERP, CRM, we use Big Data or AI to obtain informatio”, explains the team. “In addition, the development of the reservation center has had a particular impact on the department. It has allowed us to be more agile in reservations, prepare personalized visits, have flexibility to make modifications in real time and adapt our campaigns and promotions by providing us with strategic data reporting for decision making”, continue.

The journey towards digital transformation for Bodegas Ollauri is evolving fast: “It is a constant synergy that is intertwined with the day-to-day life of each person.” “The speed at which technology advances is a reflection of a constantly changing society. However, we see this dynamic as an opportunity, adapting from a proactive approach to the new ways of interacting and operating”, comment those responsible for Wine Tourism at Bodegas Ollauri.

“In our vision, the importance of the end customer is paramount and technology and digitalization are a key means to achieve our goals”, they conclude.

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