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Josep Llambrich

Head of Visits in Mas d’en Gil Winery


“Our products preserve their artisanal essence in the digital era”

Mas d’en Gil Winery, founded in 1867, has witnessed the evolution of the wine sector over the years. The Rovira Carbonell family, the current owners, has been dedicated to preserving the legacy of this place, located in one of the highest and most airy areas in the south of the Priorat region. Her philosophy has been clear: to offer fine, elegant wines with an identity marked by the terroir, achieved through the regeneration of soils and the implementation of biodynamic methods since 2008.

Within their traditional processes, digitalization has arrived at Mas d’en Gil as a tool that helps facilitate their work, while preserving the authenticity of their wines. “We believe that our products do not lose their essence and continue to be artisanal elaborations that preserve their character,” emphasizes Josep Llambrich, head of Visits at Mas d’en Gil Winery.

Digitalization has not altered the group’s traditional systems, except in the area of wine tourism, where it has facilitated the management of reservations with the introduction of a new platform. “Having this tool helps us to speed up times when it comes to booking. In addition, we have a customer base that we can access at any time,” adds Llambrich. This platform has not only improved operational efficiency, but has also enabled the winery to maintain closer and more organized contact with its customers.

For now, Mas d’en Gil Winery is happy with its level of digitalization. “For the moment, in our case, we have made progress in the digitalization of our winery and we currently have all our digital needs covered. Maybe later on we will notice that we are missing something, but for now we are very satisfied with the incorporation of the booking platform,” Llambrich concludes.

Mas d’en Gil’s experience shows that it is possible to integrate digital tools in an established sector without losing the authenticity and quality that characterize its products. This balance between the traditional and the technological allows the winery to remain at the forefront of innovation without renouncing its roots, thus offering a unique experience to both its visitors and wine lovers.

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