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Mamen Arias Camisón

Marketing and Communication Manager
Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres


“Marqués de Cáceres is currently working on a cross-cutting project with a strong online push”

Wine is once again, one more year, the big event of the summer at Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres. The famous Wine Fest party will set the evening of this first weekend of July. The entrance to the festival, which this year seeks to pay tribute to the brand’s young wines, includes a welcome drink and two tapas for the guests.

At the Rosé Party that the winery has organized for this occasion, attendees will be able to enjoy live music, food trucks, wine bar and a large chill out area set up for the party. “This year, we have completed the capacity a week before the party and many people who wanted to come have been left without their tickets”, says Mamen Arias-Camisón, manager of the Marketing and Communication department. “The reception has been spectacular.

Marqués de Cáceres seeks to “transmit passion” in everything they do and “remember to enjoy everything in everyday life: people, company and the moment”. “Wine and its culture is, at the end of the day, just that”, Arias-Camisón assures. “We want to open the doors of our winery to all those who want to discover first-hand the essence of our brand: surprising, close and made to enjoy”, says the manager.

The event is a very exciting opportunity for the Marqués de Cáceres team, from the previous organization to the day of the party. “It serves to bring us closer to a younger consumer segment, which is beginning to discover the world of wine and is attracted by more experiential and different experiences”, he shares.

Digital transformation greatly affects wine tourism, which is why wineries like Marqués de Cáceres are working with companies and technological tools to improve their experiences. This is what they have decided for Wine Fest, an event that has counted on the planning of a careful promotional campaign with a special online focus. “We have sought to obtain media presence at local and regional level, carrying out, in addition, a specific paid media campaign in social networks”, says Arias-Camisón. “We have also incorporated a new wine tourism reservation platform with the aim of optimizing the management of the services we offer our visitors and capitalizing on the valuable information they provide us”, he adds.

Social networks are very direct means of communication to reach the selected target and get closer to the potential audience. “The opportunities offered by these platforms allow us to reach a much wider audience and generate greater interaction and impact”, say the winery. “They are very useful tools to increase the visibility of our brand and connect more and better with our consumers”, they add.

Nowadays, the image we project on the Internet is our brand’s showcase to the digital world. “Since the winery’s first website was launched, its goal was to optimize its positioning and increase traffic”, says Arias-Camisón. Therefore, one of the main needs they experienced was the creation of an attractive, responsive design, with relevant content and a user experience that was carefully designed and optimized for SEO as a way to generate visibility and attraction, “but also loyalty”. “Currently, we continue to work to create a transversal project with an important push to the online part, which is becoming more and more important every day”, says the manager.

Digitalization in wineries involves different points of improvement, both in their internal and external processes. “These tools make it easier for us to unify the diverse experiences within the same space, bringing the information and the booking procedure closer to the users. In addition, it simplifies task management for us as a team”, he emphasizes.

“The relationship with our customers and consumers is also improving, by better handling their contact and capitalizing on the information they provide us with about their tastes and preferences in order to offer them products and services that are of interest to them”, he continues. “The goal is to generate a high-value experience in our winery, but also to maintain that contact when they leave our facilities”, Arias-Camisón concludes.

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