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Marian Hernando

Head of Wine Tourism at Juvé & Camps


“Digitalization allows us to analyze and segment data to define our strategy”

Over two centuries of legacy as winemakers, Bodegas Juvé & Camps is an icon of tradition and quality in the world of winemaking. Despite its characteristic roots in the land, the winery continues to focus on technological modernization while guaranteeing the values and philosophy of its wines. Marian Hernando, head of Wine Tourism at Juvé & Camps, highlights the winery’s loyalty to a style and its own demand to offer the highest quality to its consumers. “As traditional as both our work and our principles are, digitalization is a fact”, Hernando emphasizes. “The level of quality and excellence has to go from the vineyard to the bottle, but always without losing sight of the treatment, service and attention to the end customer in every part, point and moment”.

In this digitization process, the winery has focused on providing access to its services and products through several channels, allowing customers to make reservations and purchases quickly and easily, either through the web or through traditional telephone contact. This multifaceted approach ensures accessibility to the winery’s services for all audiences. “Digitalization has been advancing by leaps and bounds for many years and it is vital to adapt to changes at the pace set by the market in order to provide the best service”, says the head of Wine Tourism at Juvé & Camps. “It is essential to facilitate any process for our customers”, she continues.

Digitalization is a process that has not only improved the experience, but has also optimized the winery’s internal processes. Marian Hernando highlights that, although much has been said about digitalization as a radical change in the 21st century, in fact, these advances have been implemented for decades. “To talk about drastic processes in terms of digitalization nowadays is perhaps a bit excessive”, she says. “In our case, it has been a big step forward and an improvement in terms of resources, management and control. And as far as customers are concerned, we believe we have found the balance by offering them the widest range of possibilities when it comes to contacting us”, he stresses.

Behind this digitization process is a solid IT department that is constantly evolving. “Our team is in charge of developing and implementing technological advances for both commercial and financial teams, adapting the systems to the needs that are generated, after analyzing their return”, says Hernando.

Among its latest implementations is the booking platform, which optimizes processes and improves the customer experience. “The importance of integrating this tool is fundamental in departments such as wine tourism. It is the only way to be able to analyze all the data, segment it, create statistics and thus be able to draw a much more defined and detailed strategy, according to the needs and demand”, confesses the head of Enotourism. With a vision focused on continuous improvement, Bodegas Juvé & Camps fuses the rich winemaking tradition with technological innovation, promoting greater productivity and interconnection through strategic collaborations with other players in the sector.

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