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Natalia Royo

Communications Manager at ENATE Group


“Digitalization has brought us closer to our customers”

Within ENATE Group’s strategy, the concept of quality does not stop at wine. Its philosophy seeks to distinguish itself through its marriage with contemporary art, the essence of its character and hallmark. The personality of this museum winery based in Huesca (DO Somontano) has been forged over the years through the adaptation of its philosophy and values to the latest trends, embracing the digital revolution and including emerging technologies in its processes and services.

Digitalization has always made up an important part of the winery’s strategy, but it wasn’t until 2020 that ENATE saw the need to evolve by leaps and bounds. “The updating of processes accelerated mainly with covid. There was a medium-term strategic plan for digitalization, which was activated in just a few months”, explains Natalia Royo, head of Communications at ENATE Group.

Focusing on the client, the winery set the objective of “professionalizing its departments and improving customer service”, Royo emphasizes. “This has been the case of wine tourism”, he assures, for which ENATE has made an important effort to offer an experience in line with the needs of its visitors. “Together with the technology company JIG, we sought an accessible and practical tool for our tourists, while at the same time automating certain processes”, she says.

The winery has a booking platform that allows, in a fast and integrated way, to facilitate communication processes, improve service management and automatically generate valuable data on customer profiles. “This tool has enabled us to automate certain parts of the process and optimize specific functions, with the aim of becoming more operational. Data management is very important to us, as it allows us to measure and evaluate opportunities for improvement or make realistic analyses of the situation”, says Royo.

Despite undergoing numerous changes in its working method, for ENATE Group its philosophy remains intact: “Digitalization has made it easier for us to improve certain parts of the process, but always maintaining our essence. It has been a process of rapid change, but the team was prepared for it, so it has allowed us to move forward in a systematic and simple way. For the customer, it has just been a way to reach us in a more accessible way and with more options.”

The digitization of wineries emerges as a continuous journey, where innovation and adaptation are essential to fully take advantage of the opportunities that new tools bring to the wine industry. “Technology is very changeable and, moreover, those changes happen quickly. The challenge is to be able to keep up to date and identify our needs to be able to adapt to the new reality”, concludes Royo, who believes in the need to identify opportunities and collaborate to create a digitized, efficient and rigorous sector that is up to the demands of each moment.

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